Links to external sites of interest to ACCSO member clubs

Any cricket club based in the regions of Nouvelle-Aquitane and Occitanie is welcome to apply to join ACCSO.

However, the competitions organised by ACCSO are open solely to clubs which have affiliated to the FFBS (Fédération Française de Baseball, Softball et Cricket) - the government-recognised parent federation. And only players licenced by the FFBS can play in such games.

Not surprising, therefore, that the FFBS Web site is at the top of this list of Useful Links.

And this link takes you to the list of FFBS' multiple rules and regs, including details about licences, insurance, etc.

Affiliation to the FFBS gives a club automatic membership of France Cricket (FC), the organisation recognised by the ICC as the national body.

FC organises nation-wide competitions such as the Coupe de France (a 50-over tournament with a pool-phase followed by knockout phase).

FC also selects and manages several national sides (Equipes de France).

This link takes you to the FC Web site.

In France, sports clubs, like any other benevolent organisation, are expected to set themselves up according to the principles laid down in a celebrated Law dated 1st July 1901.

The French government, together with many outside bodies, offer copious guidance on how to go about all this.

This link is to the Government site; and this one takes you to probably the most widely-used external site.

And if you ever need to check out what French law says (and it's a lot!) about sport, then you need to read the Code du Sport, from here.

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