ACCSO Match Regulations 2022 remain largely as those for 2021 However, because of the critical shortage of "pool" umpires, the references to "ACCSO" umpires are now redundant. The 1-point penalty no longer applies.

Separation of teams with equal points

at end of Pool Phase

Methodology based on Net Run Rate

Net Run Calculation
League 2022 Pool Phase - Teams tied on p[...]
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           Below is a SUMMARY VERSION for quick reference.     The FULL VERSION should be consulted for detailed understanding

ACCSO SUMMARY Match Regulations
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ACCSO Competitons Regulations - FULL VERSION
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If you have any queries regarding topics in the         Match Regulations please email                      president

Other Documents

Team Sheet - How to Produce, for pre-match review
Team Sheet from E-licence Version 202208[...]
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ACCSO Match Report Form
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Disciplinary Procedure - Valid for Season 2022
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Playing Matches on Neutral Grounds
ACCSO_2019_Neutral grounds procedure.201[...]
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ECB Guidelines (summary) on players under-19 on match-day
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Link to the ECB for access to the full set of Guidelines on Junior Players in Adult matches:


                 Covid-19 Measures             

Clubs are expected to know the national and local measures for the pandemic and ensure they are applied to their home matches.

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