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ACCSO: Cricket in Nouvelle-Aquitaine & Occitanie 

Umpires & Umpiring

Umpires are an essential part of every cricketing environment - and ours very much so!

And that's why they get a page all to themselves (it helps that the Webmaster is a member of the fraternity......).


To see the latest umpire roster (match-allocation), please refer to the combined fixtures-umpires table on the Tournaments page, under the heading Fixtures.

At the request of clubs at ACCSO AGM 2017, we've prepared a briefing document for umpires to use before a match, to inform captains and players how the match will be conducted.

If the question of Penalty Runs and sanctions comes up, there's a table (in both English and French) which matches all offences under the Laws with local ACCSO sanctions.

Copy here:

Umpire pre-match briefing document
ACCSO-2018_Umpire prematch briefing.2018[...]
Document Adobe Acrobat [442.1 KB]

Our umpires are well-dressed (of course!) and very well-read.

They'll know The Laws inside out and back to front - including the recent changes in place since 1st April 2019.

But a refresher can be found here, on the MCC site.


ACCSO tournament regulations have their very own page on this site and it's there that umpires will also find

  • Match-Day Actions summary of what-to-do on the ground
  • The France Cricket Code of Conduct
  • The ACCSO Disciplinary Procedure
  • The Match Report form, which requires sign-off by umpires.

Umpires have sole responsibility for assessing the fair play aspects of all competitive matches.

Starting in 2019 there's a new focus on sportsmanship.

The form (see below) needs to reach within 48 hours of the end of the match.

Sportsmanship Award form 2019
Document Adobe Acrobat [85.2 KB]

Our cricket is generously sponsored by Blevins Franks,

who provide financial services to people moving to - and living in - France.

Visit Blevins Franks' site from here.

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