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Umpires & Umpiring

Umpires are an essential part of every cricketing environment - and ours very much so!

And that's why they get a page all to themselves (it helps that the Webmaster is a member of the fraternity......).


Here is the latest version of the allocation of umpires to the competitive matches of season 2018.

Umpire roster reflecting changes in T20 match-days
2018 Umpire schedule_20180802.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat [58.4 KB]

At the request of clubs at ACCSO AGM 2017, we've prepared a briefing document for umpires to use before a match, to inform captains and players how the match will be conducted.

If the question of Penalty Runs and sanctions comes up, there's a table (in both English and French) which matches all offences under the Laws with local ACCSO sanctions.

Copy here:

Umpire pre-match briefing document
ACCSO-2018_Umpire prematch briefing.2018[...]
Document Adobe Acrobat [442.1 KB]

Our umpires are well-dressed (of course!) and very well-read.

They'll know The Laws inside out and back to front. But a refresher can be found here, on the MCC site.


ACCSO tournament regulations have their very own page on this site and it's there that umpires will also find

  • Match-Day Actions summary of what-to-do on the ground
  • The France Cricket Code of Conduct
  • The ACCSO Disciplinary Procedure
  • The Match Report form, which requires sign-off by umpires.

Umpires have sole responsibility for assessing the Fair Play aspects of all competitive matches. The form (see below) needs to reach

within 48 hours of the end of the match.

FPA form 2018
Document Adobe Acrobat [84.2 KB]

Our cricket is generously sponsored by Blevins Franks,

who provide financial services to people moving to - and living in - France.

Visit Blevins Franks' site from here.

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