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Planning for Results 2023 - The Match Report Form for 2023. See also the Regulations Page
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ACCSO 30th Anniversary League

Saint Aulaye beat Nîmes in the League Final at Catus on 21/8 - Match data lost in transit!.
ACCSO WEEKLY - LEAGUE Matches played and[...]
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Blevins Franks Cup 2022

Eymet beat Montpellier in the Final on 11 September.
ACCSO WEEKLY - Blevins Franks Cup - Matc[...]
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ACCSO T20 Competition 2022

Catus win the 2022 ACCO T20 competition
ACCSO WEEKLY - T20 Competition - Matches[...]
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                                                           A reminder of how the 2021         competitions ended up       

Damazan win the 2021 Blevins Frank Cup Finall and deprive TCC Bears of a clean sweep!
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And TCC Bears also win the 2021 T20 title !
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TCC Bears winners of the League 2021!
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Our cricket is generously sponsored by Blevins Franks,

who provide financial services to people moving to - and living in - France.

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