ACCSO  e-Learning Course of Study

Why, What, How Guide
Comprehensive document regarding the candidates use of this Course of Study
Document Adobe Acrobat [669.6 KB]
Getting Started Guide
A quick guide to making a start on the Course of Study
Getting Started Guide.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat [515.0 KB]

Students should follow through the components in sequence;

1. MCC - Laws Elearning  (included in Component 2)

2. ECB ACO - It’s Your Call Umpire Education Stage 1   

Technical requirements:                                        

MS Windows: view using Chrome (recommended) or Firefox (tested) as the browser which needs to also run Flash Player, and have any ad-blocker software disabled.

MacOS, iOS, iPad:  view using Google Chrome (recommended) or Firefox (not tested) as the browser 

Some students whose native language is not English may find it useful to have the French translation of the Laws open in another window.

Components 3 & 4 

These components work best on an MS Windows system with either the pps file on Powerpoint, or the pdf file on Adobe Reader.

Other platforms such as MacOS, iOs and Android are able to use the pdf file version with Adobe Reader or similar..

All the relevant files are available to download below.

ACCSO Umpiring Presentation pps
The pps version of the presentation
Présentation Microsoft Power Point [4.4 MB]
ACCSO Umpiring Presentation pdf
pdf version of the presentation
Document Adobe Acrobat [5.6 MB]
ACCSO Umpiring Test ppt
ACCSO Umpiring_Test.pptx
Présentation Microsoft Power Point [4.1 MB]
ACCSO Umpiting Test pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat [843.2 KB]

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