ACCSO: Cricket in Nouvelle-Aquitaine & Occitanie
ACCSO: Cricket in Nouvelle-Aquitaine & Occitanie 

ACCSO Umpire Training

Why is ACCSO’s umpire training going on-line?

  • We need to have more umpires trained before the first 2021 match.
  • The restrictions due to Covid-19 mean there is no alternative method to on-line.
  • On-line is also the way to ensure that future umpires can be trained more spontaneously and more efficiently. There will be no dependence on a single fixed date; no need to have a minimum number of students. Even a single candidate can work on-line, at their own time and pace.


What is ACCSO’s on-line umpire training?

  • The aim is to provide candidates with training functionally close to materials provided by the ACO (Association of Cricket Officials) of the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board). These materials are developed in close collaboration with the MCC, the guardians of The Laws.
  • ACCSO umpires need to know a small number of variations from the MCC/ACO baseline and also some elements specific to ACCSO so we have added 2 more components: instruction and a test.
  • Students will be able to ask questions by email, at       .
  • All questions relating to the course will be answered rapidly.   



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