ACCSO: Cricket in Nouvelle-Aquitaine & Occitanie
ACCSO: Cricket in Nouvelle-Aquitaine & Occitanie 

The complete set of regulations for ACCSO tournaments 2017

T20 qualification - Important note dated 21st July 2017:

Following the cancellation of the Midi-Toulouse qualifying round, ACCSO Committee has decided how to determine which of the losing sides in the other 2 qualifiers should go forward to the Final.

The formula to be used is the same as that already in place  for deciding on a winner when no side wins its 2 matches.

Club presidents have been informed by e-mail; and the T20 Regulations (copy below) have been updated.


Important note dated 26th May 2017:

ACCSO Committee has decided to revise the League batting bonus points system.

The League regulations are updated as from today (see document below).

Results-to-date have been re-calculated and checked for equity.

Document Adobe Acrobat [425.2 KB]
Modified to identify best-performing losing side
Document Adobe Acrobat [360.2 KB]
Match-Day Actions 2017
Variations from 2016 are highlighted
Document Adobe Acrobat [328.5 KB]
Playing 2017 League matches on neutral grounds
ACCSO_2017_Neutral grounds procedure.201[...]
Document Adobe Acrobat [240.5 KB]
ACCSO Disciplinary Procedure
Document Adobe Acrobat [242.6 KB]
FC Code of Conduct 2017
Document Adobe Acrobat [345.8 KB]
Match Report Form 2017
Document Adobe Acrobat [131.7 KB]
Fair Play Award Form 2017
Document Adobe Acrobat [212.9 KB]

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