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AGM & Constitution (Statuts)

Posted 20141205: The minutes of AGM 2014, approved for publication by Andy Crawford, are now available, from here. And the Budget for 2015, approved at AGM, is here (unchanged from the draft).

Posted 20141108: Important proposals for 2015 are included in Peter Mackenzie's Umpiring Report to AGM - from here.

Posted  20141105: Andy Crawford's presidential Bilan Moral can be read from here.

Posted 20141102: This year's financials are now available for study ahead of AGM: P&L statement and Balance Sheet for 2014 (from here); Draft Budget for 2015 (from here); and the Treasurer's Report (from here).

Posted 20141009: AGM will be invited to debate several proposals for  modifications to 2015's tournaments, published today in the report from your Secretary. Copy from here. Other reports will be published ahead of the AGM.

Posted 20141003: The first version of the Agenda for this year's AGM is available from here. The date? Saturday 15th November. Presidents have been invited to submit AOB items and have also been urged to look for candidates for this year's elections.

All other documents from earlier AGMs have now been removed from this site; but copies can be requested via an e-mail to the Site Manager at

Posted 20131212: AGM 2013 approved modifications to ACCSO's Internal Regulations, concerning the size of the Bureau. The revised French-language Règlement Intérieur, newly-updated, is available from here; and its English-language version from here

Posted 20120106:  The implications of the discussions at AGM 2011 on the subject of affiliation to the FFBS have now been reflected in modified versions of the Règlement Intérieur and its English-language equivalent - ACCSO's Internal Regulations. See also the post of 20131212 for further modifications, as approved at AGM 2013.

* Constitution: AGM 2008 on 1st November 2008 approved two key documents for the administration of the Association:

- a constitution (click here) comprising "strategic" provisions (such as objectives, organisation) which change very rarely and which are formally lodged with the French authorities see below);

- a set of internal procedures (such as job descriptions, quorum, voting) which are susceptible  to more frequent change and which can be modified by the Committee and/or by AGM, without needing to involve the préfêt.   This document was reviewed in the context of discussions at AGM 2011 and has since been modified. See post of 20120106 for details and access.

- Both of the above documents have now been translated into French and the translations verified (thanks to Hélène and to Anne-Marie).  The STATUTS have been duly registered at the Sous-Préfecture in Nérac and are now the document of reference:  click here for a sight of the Statuts.

For reference and for the record, linkages are provided to the 1992 French document, and to its English translation

Version date : 5th December 2014.