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Posted 20161021: ACCSO's AGM on 5th November will review Glyn Taylor's review of the umpiring scene in 2016. Copy of his report from here.

Posted 20160815: Here is - hopefully! - the very last umpiring schedule of season 2016.

Before the season starts in earnest, umpires will be reminded about major changes since season 2015.

These include the fact that we will, in 2016, play according to the very latest edition of the Laws (including the changes made in 2013 and 2015). The MCC site talks you through the 2013 changes (from here); and the 2015 changes (from here).

A significant local change is the decision to call as No-balls any delivery which lands off-mat or off the edge of the mat. That, and all other modifications, can be found in the Match-Day Actions document, on the Regulations page.

Posted 20151202: At ACCSO AGM on 28th November member-clubs elected Glyn Taylor of Eymet CC as the new leader of the umpire community. He can be contacted via 

Posted 20151024: The Umpire Report produced in conjunction with ACCSO AGM 2015 is now available on the AGM page, together with all the other documents for review on 28th November.

The Regulations page contains the regulations for the Blevins Franks Regional League, the Blevins Franks Cup and the ACCSO T20 Competition, with the role of umpires being reinforced in all matters concerning playing conditions.
You'll also find there the latest version of the Match Report Form, together with the match-day actions document which summarises all the procedures pre-/during/post-match.

The regulations explain the single question to be put to captains pre-match about youngsters. And if there any such youngsters selected, then the ECB guidelines are also available, on the Regulations page.

Still valid for season 2016 are the following items:

Here's a copy of the circular sent to all umpires (and club captains), about excessive appealing, distracting of batsmen, and leg-side Wides.

Umpires have been advised on how to deal with LBW appeals and Wide balls which crop up when a batsman is attempting Reverse Sweeps/Switch Hits. That advice is based upon a guidance paper from the MCC (from here).

On the Good to Know! page, there's guidance from the French sporting authorities about the management of games during very hot weather. Umpires should be aware and act accordingly.

Posted 201201017: A very interesting BBC Sports site for umpires, scorers (and players?) about the Laws, signals and such: from here.

Posted 20101017: The 4th Edition of the 2000 Code is now in force. The changes are summarised here.

The 4th has been translated into French and can be found on the FC site (from here) and on the Lord's site (from here).

Version date: 21st October 2016.