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Competition Regulations

Posted 20131229: Here are the key documents for the 2014 editions of the Siddalls Cup, the Siddalls League and the ACCSO T20 tournament.
Modifications made to all tournament regulations on 20140516.
- League regulations (variations from 2013 are highlighted): from here
- Entry form for the League (deadline 28 February!): from here.
- Cup regulations
(variations from 2013 are highlighted): from here
- Entry form for the Cup (deadline 28 February!): from here
- T20 regulations (variations from 2013 are highlghted): from here
- Entry form for T20 (deadline 28 February!): from here
- Match report form (unchanged from 2013): from here
- Match-day Actions document (variations highlighted): from here.

As in 2013, the entry forms are in French, to enable us - if necessary - to show France Cricket and the Préfecture at Nérac that you are taking part in competitions which are properly organised and regulated.

And please see the foot of this page for information about registering your club and your players with the FFBS for calendar year 2014.

Posted 20111025: A reminder of the various ECB regulations and guidelines on the protection of our younger players. Umpires will be familiar with these, from the plasticised cards issued to them. They are published here for the benefit of captains and coaches, and parents, too. 

- The general question of selection. The ECB document (from here) is written in the context of the UK "Open Age" concept? This is a concept largely alien to French legislation, it has to be said, but the words about how to go about deciding whether a youngster is ready, they are universally valid.

- The wearing of helmets: from here.

- Fielding regulations: from here.

- Fast bowling restrictions: from here.

And, as a catch-all, a piece on the playing conditions for different ages (ball size, pitch length, etc.): from here.

* Code of Conduct: Original version, as amended at FC's AGM 2011: click here.

* Code of Conduct: English-language version, as at FC AGM 2011: click here.

Licences! It's coming up that time again! 

The key documents have been updated (in December 2013). They have been distributed to clubs and are always to be found on the federal site under the tab of Textes officiels, section 15. Exceptionally, copies of these documents are made accessible from here. But in case of doubt the original FFBS version is always the authoritative version.

You will need to go through the Procedure_affiliation to get your club (re-)affiliated for 2014. This will require you to update the information about club president, secretary and treasurer, before you can action any licences.

The Guide_iClub tells you how to download the software and set about using it;

The Guide_licences walks you through the process, including the 2014 licence fees (fees unchanged from 2013).

Design objective for this section: a single repository of authoritative docs, via links.

Version date: 28th May 2014.