Cricket in the South-West of France is generously sponsored by Siddalls,

who provide financial services to people moving to - and living in - France.

Visit Siddalls' Web site from here.

Fixtures & Results

Permanent links to fixture lists for the 2015 competitions:

- Siddalls League: Fixtures Northern pool: from here.

- Siddalls League: Fixtures Southern pool: from here

- Omnibus fixture list: from here.

- Siddalls Cup draw and calendar: from here.

- ACCSO T20 competition draw and calendar: from here.

Links to the final results for all 3 of ACCSO's 2014 tournaments:

- Siddalls League, final phase: from here.

- Siddalls League, pool phase (northern): from here.

- Siddalls League, pool phase (southern): from here.

- Siddalls Cup: from here.

- ACCSO T20 competition: from here.

Links to 2013 competitions:

- Siddalls League: All Final-phase results from here.  

- Siddalls Cup: All the results (from here) and how the competition evolved (from here).

- 20-over tournament fixtures & results: from here.

Posted 20121231: For details of the final stages of all three 2012 competitions (League, Cup and Anniversary 20-overs), click here.


Version date:   24th April 2015.