Cricket in the South-West of France is generously sponsored by Blevins Franks,

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Are you looking for a cricket club in the south-west of France... to join, or to play against? 

This is where to start & finish your search!

This section is intended principally for cricket enthusiasts who

  • are thinking about a tour to this part of the world; and/or
  • are contemplating a move to France and whose decision might just be swayed by the knowledge of being able to carry on playing...

Whatever your motivation, you need to know that cricket is thriving down here. We've been adding member clubs to our competitions at the rate of one a year of late; and we receive touring sides who are into their 10th, 11th or even 12th consecutive annual visits.  This is not just because we are an incredibly friendly bunch (we are!); but also because the region has everything going for it: the Atlantic, wine, the Mediterranean, wine, the Pyrenees, wine, forests, famous foods. And did I mention the wine?

The region we cover is very large and distances may look daunting, but we are well-served for access (both by air and by road) and transit.

  • By road, either after the Tunnel or from one of the sea-ports, you will probably come down on the A10 (towards Bordeaux) or the A20 (for Montauban and on). 
  • By air, Bordeaux and Toulouse are the major landfalls, with major and low-cost airlines.  Bergerac and Carcassonne are increasingly well-served by the RyanAirs and easyJets of this world.

For distances and a rough idea of travel times (and within the speed limits!), click on one of the following airport "landfall" points.  You will quickly see that, for each airport, there's a certain number of clubs in the immediate hinterland; but we do find that touring sides tend to use more than one base during their visits.  Any of our Club fixtures secretaries will be pleased to help you to construct a memorable tour or welcome you as a new member.  But if you have a more general query, is the address for your e-mail.

Please note: There are no longer any clubs in the d├ępartement of the Gers. Armagnac-Bigorre CC has closed down. If you have made any arrangements with them and need advice, please drop an email to

Bordeaux           Toulouse        Bergerac      Carcassonne               

When you have an idea of your landfall and your travel radius, time to look up the individual clubs, their Web sites and their contact names:  click here. 

Version date: 10th November 2016