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New News

Posted 20141009: AGM time approaches!

The Secretary's report and proposals are available, together with the Agenda, via the AGM page.

Posted 20140928: With the introduction of the T20 competition in 2012 there are now 3 trophies at stake each season. But no club has yet won all three.

Until today, that is, when B-GCC won the final of the Siddalls League down at Seissan. The data are on the Results page; and there you'll see why Alex Smith was worthy of the Man-of-the-Match tankard.

Time to lower the curtain on yet another season and look forward to the Indoor competitions which will kick off season 2015.

- But there's still the AGM to come! On Saturday 15th November.

Posted 20140908: Yesterday was semi-finals day in the Siddalls League competition, and it was a day for the bowlers to remember, as you will see from the Results page.

Posted 20140902: There are now 2 trophies on the shelves of B-GCC's clubhouse!

Last Sunday's Siddalls Cup Final saw Eymet's bowlers make B-GCC bat into the final over before overtaking Eymet's first-innings score (Eymet deprived at the very last minute of 3 key players....).

That's 4 times in the last 5 years that B-GCC have lifted the Siddalls Cup..... getting to be a habit!

Will they be the first club to carry off all 3 trophies in a single season?

Match summary on the Results page.

Posted 20140825: The first of this season's trophies has a name on it! Yesterday saw B-GCC win (for the second year running) the T20 tournament. A great day out at Eymet, on a revelation of a grassy outfield, with many big hits in a total of 736 runs scored off 113 overs bowled, with some spectacular fieldng in between. See the Results page for details.

Posted 20140818: The region has a new Umpiring Manager! See the Umpiring page (where else?) for details.

Which prompts a reminder that candidate-umpires (much needed!) are invited to sign up for the one-day Introductory class that is planned for 18th October. Club presidents know all about why this class is so important.....

In a nutshell, without additional umpires there will be far, far fewer competitive matches organised in 2015. It's as simple as that.

Details from the new man, of course!  

Posted 20140817: Congratulations to no fewer than 6 of our young men, who have just enabled the French U19 squad to win an international tournament held up in the Paris region. Under Daniel Notts' (SAC) captaincy, the team recovered from a first-match loss against the Swiss, to beat Germany and Belgium in the other pool matches and then to beat the Belgians again, in the final.

Hats off to James Dawkins (TCC) who took wickets in every match; Lucien Calkin (Midi) who opened the batting and then notched up 5 stumpings & 5 catches behind; Rémi Rocher (Mansle) for catches and early-match wickets; and Kashif Muhammad (B-GCC) and Bilal Mian (SAC) for tidy bowling and 6 catches between them.

Posted 20140810: This year's final of the Siddalls Cup will be between B-GCC and Eymet. These two last met in a Cup Final in ... 1995! And Eymet will be hoping for a repeat win?

Details of B-GCC's semi-final win over A-BCC - with bowlers very much on top - are on the Results page. Eymet, for their part, got a walk-over owing to Midi's most regrettable inability to field a side on either of rhe two scheduled dates.

And now for something completely different: Follow the fortunes of several of our younger players as they represent France in the imminent U19 tournament. From here.

Posted 20140804: The semi-finalists in this year's League competition are now known: see Results page.

Posted 20140721: Congratulations to Bilal Mian of SAC, called up to the French U19 squad for matches in August.

Three of this year's four semi-finalists in the Siddalls cup are now known. B-GCC enjoyed fine weather and a share in a high-scoring match at Mansle; A-BCC beat Catus on run-rate after a downpour; while SAC and Eymet did not even get started up at storm-tossed Chenaud. Details, as ever, on the Results page.

Posted 20140707: After yesterday's matches up at Chenaud, we now know the three clubs which have made it through to the final of this year's T20 competition. Details are on the Results page.

Posted 20140624: Congratulations are also in order for one of our very few lady cricketers - Alice Letertre-Gibert, now a member of B-GCC - who has been selected as a member of the French national squad for 2014.

Posted 20140618: AGM 2014 will be on Saturday 15th November, at Damazan. Presidents have been informed. More details in due course.

Posted 20140603: Congratulations to Robin Murphy of Catus for being selected to represent France at senior level this year. He'll be heading off to Holland in the near future for a European tournament. With all our best wishes!

Posted 20140529: Go to the Umpiring page for a revised Roster.

Posted 20140516: The regulations for all ACCSO 2014 tournaments have been updated to reflect the approved procedure for handling cases of bowlers suspended for "throwing". See the Regulations page.

Posted 20140511: France Cricket have announced the squad for the 4-nation junior tournament to be held in the Paris region in August.

Once again, our young men have impressed, with 4 out of the 14 core members, plus both of the reserves.

So, hats off to Danny Nott of SAC, reconfirmed as captain; Mohammed Afzal of B-GCC; Lucien Calkin of Midi and James Dawkins of Toulouse; with Kashif Muhammad of B-GCC and Rémi Rocher of Mansle waiting in the wings.

Good luck to them all!

Posted 20140413:

- Just before the official matches start is a good time to remind clubs to check out that your first-aid box is completely stocked (and that any medicaments are not beyonnd their best-by date). And think about getting one or more club members qualified on the Red Cross "Gestes qui sauvent" programme.

- Important! There's yet another new number to contact if you have the misfortune to have to record a claim on your federal insurance. The Federal Insurers have signed up with a different broker, a company called Capdet Raynal. Be ready to quote your club name and federal number, plus the licence number(s) of any person(s) involved. The number is and the e-mail address is shown at the bottom of the claim form that you must use: copy here, taken from the FFBS Web site.

Posted 20140308: Several separate items to bring to clubs' attention:

- All clubs have successfully enrolled in the 2014 tournaments.

- Bidding to host final phase matches has closed. ACCSO Committee is looking at the bids and will pronounce shortly.

- Clubs are reminded that licence renewals cost 10% more as from 16th March. And that's also when the FFBS start checking up on club licence numbers (the magic number is 12 cometition licences!).

- The S-W was well-represented at FC's AGM on 1st March: 7 clubs issued mandates & proxies, for which thanks!

- The Results page carries the results of the established pre-season Indoor events at St Astier and Seissan.

- Now, on a gloriously sunny day, the outdoor season seems just around the corner.......   

Posted 20140204: Meanwhile, the tournament regulations and enrolment forms are still on the Regulations page

Posted 20131202: Advance notice: the FFBS have refreshed all the key documents that clubs need to know about when they come to sign up to the FFBS and take out licences for season 2014. They can be accessed via the links at the foot of the Regulations page.

Posted 20131130: The minutes of AGM 2013 have been approved for publication and sent out to all club presidents. A copy can be seen on the AGM page, together with a Budget 2014 which reflects the outcome of the AGM.

Posted 20131112: The presidential Bilan Moral on the AGM page completes the set of documents for our AGM on 16th November.

Posted 20131103: The Umpiring Report for 2013 is now on the AGM page.

Posted 20131101: The "financial" documents for the imminent ACCSO AGM - Accounts 2013; Treasurer's Report; Draft Budget 2014 - are now visible on the AGM page.

Posted 20131025: Congratulations to Armagnac-Bigorre CC on the successful installation of their new carpet just now. It will be formally inaugurated by the mayor of Seissan on 27 October. Here are some photos of the team..... at work on the under-surface (from here); laying the shocker pad (from here); and the carpet itself (from here); and relaxing after 2 days' hard work (from here).

Posted 20131011: AGM 2013: it's getting to be that time of year again!

The formal agenda for the 16th November has been published to club presidents. A copy can be found on the AGM page.

Other documents will be published in good time.

Midi CC 3 - Eymet 1. Not a score-line you'd expect to see every day. But it's the outcome of the "Best Of" awards for 2013, just now approved by sponsors Siddalls (in the person of Rupert Holderness).

- Best Batsman goes to Dominic George of Midi, with his average of 43.2 and highest score of 82.

- Best Bowler for 2013 is Jaman Kamrul of Eymet, whose 14 wickets cost 8.6 runs each, just ahead of clubmate Nigel Jones' 12 at 9.6.

- Best Young Player of 2013 is Lucien Calkin of Midi who won his first U19 French cap this year, scoring 36 against Switzerland and a superb 81 against Germany (the highest individual knock by any of the French team in the Karlsruhe tournament).

- Most improved player of French nationality: this award goes to Lucas Zivanovic, also of Midi. At just 13, his bowling has improved greatly and his fielding is much appreciated within the club. Unable yet to play in competitive cricket, he nevertheless merited an invitation to play in the U19 pre-selection games at Damazan in June.

Congratulations to all concerned. Your prizes will be given out at ACCSO AGM.

Posted20130930: Saint Aulaye Cricket won yesterday's Final of the 2013 Siddalls Regional League, with their tail-enders transforming what looked like an inevitable march by Noé-Gascogne towards victory. That makes it SAC 3 N-GCC 0 in the past 3 finals.

With rainstorms forecast, it was agreed to play a standard match, with overs to be decremented as and when play was stopped. Two stoppages in the first innings (the second came on 26 overs) meant that there would only be 30 overs available. In their last 4 overs, Noé went from 98-6 to 128-6. That gave SAC a clear run-rate target for their batsmen.

That target seemed to be irrelevant when, after only 4 overs, SAC were 12-3, after some spectacular Noé fielding. There followed 61-7 after 17 overs, and 71-8 after 18. Fatally, Noé relaxed their grip and overs 23-25 went for 34 runs. The re-introduction of Noé's opening bowlers only delayed the inevitable, with Qasim ending up undefeated with a magnificent 41.

And the heavens opened again, just in time to cause a rush for shelter for the prize-giving; but the celebrations continued regardless!

The bare statistics are on the Results page.

Posted 20130923: Bordeaux-Giscours won the 2013 T20 tournament at Damazan on 22nd September at the end of a great day of cricket, that started in autumnal mist and finished in sunshine worthy of a summer's day.

For the second year running Noé-Gascogne made it to the final but, like Catus in the semi, they could not cope with B-GCC's opening bowlers. And nobody at all could do anything against Giscours' top-order batsmen who clearly like batting at Damazan.

In something of a rehearsal for next Sunday's Siddalls League final, N-GCC got the better of SAC, in a very tense semi-final. But 40-over innings are, of course, a very different proposition....

Go to the Results page for final scores and details of individual performances.

Posted 20130909: And yet again it's Saint Aulaye vs Noé-Gascogne in the final of the Siddalls League. Go to the Results page for details of two very contrasting semi-finals played yesterday.

Posted 20130903: All 4 T20 semi-finalists are now known Details and match reports on the Results page.

Posted 20130826: Yesterday's results: Weather 1; Cricket 1.

The rain got the better of the T20 Q/F between SAC and Mansle, with the tie being abandoned during the first innings of the first match of two. But players, umpires and spectators braved the showers and rain in the second innings to complete a memorable Siddalls Cup Final in which 452 runs were scored. All details on the Results page.

Posted 20130818: Did you ever want to know what it takes to be selected to play cricket for France? Or whether to be offended if somebody calls you a "pie-chucker"? The answers to both questions are to be found on the Good to Know! page.

Posted 20130814: Congratulations to the S-W U19 contingent for their contributions towards France's 2nd place in the 4-nation tournament just held in Karlsruhe. No repeat of last year's 1st place, but still very good; and especially so for Lucien Calkin of Midi CC catapulted to fame  with a 36 against Switzerland and then 81 against Germany!. Good knocks by Daniel Nott (43) and Oliver Mawdsley 31, plus bowling by James Dawkins (3-23 agaist winners Belgium, and 2-23 vs Germany). Bravo!

Posted 20130805: There could hardly have been a closer and more remarkable finish to the Southern pool, with N-GCC vaulting from 3rd to 1st, pushing Catus into second place by just the 1 point. The final table is on the Results page.  

Posted 20130719: There's a four-nation U19 tournament coming up in Karlsruhe 9-11 August. The squad of 13 will include no fewer than 6 youngsters from ACCSO clubs.  Lucian Calkin of Midi and Muhammad Afzal of B-GCC join James Dawkins of Toulouse and the SAC trio (messrs Nott - who will again captain the squad - Mawdsley and Bedford). This all flows from their excellent showings at the recent training camp at Chenaud, where the U19s saw off 3 different teams. Somewhat invidious to pick out one of our young stars for special mention.... but congatulations to Ollie on his 3-23, 3-11 and 4-10.

Posted 20130707: Congratulations to Saint Aulaye on winning the Northern pool of the Siddalls League today, in fine style  - thanks to a remarkable 5-15 from Sukdhev Singh. Eymet finish second and they, like SAC, will have to wait a couple of weeks to discover their Southern pool opponents in the semi-finals.

Posted 20130609: Good news for no fewer than 7 of our young players, selected for the next phase of EDF U19s preparations: messrs Nott, Mawdsley and Bedford of SAC; James Dawkins of Toulouse;  Muhammad Afzal and Sammy Holderness of B-GCC; and Lucian Calkin of Midi. That's 7 out of the nationwide squad of 15 to go up to Chenaud for coaching and matches from 29/6 to 6/7. Congratulations to them and commiserations to all the other guys who did so well at Damazan.

Posted 20130603: Here are the details of the two excellent Junior matches played at Damazan this weekend. Congratulations to all on producing some very good cricket!

Posted 20130524: From here you can see a whole set of photos taken at Giscours on 5th May, at the ACCSO-MCC match. Courtesy of Isabelle Faust.

Posted 20130605: It was a grand day out at Château Giscours yesterday around a really good game of cricket. As you will see from the match report (from here) we did not quite manage to overhaul the MCC's first-innings total, but we were by no means outplayed! And there were some really good performances to savour.

Posted 20130423: It's that time of year when I remind you of two important matters:

1. Make sure that your club's first aid kit is complete, with materials not past their use-by dates!

2. Start looking at the Results page - for the Siddalls League kicked off two days ago, with two matches in the Southern pool. 

Posted 20130313: Wynford Hicks has kindly sent in the results of last Sunday's Indoor at St Astier, where SAC's team notched up a pile of runs to finish at the top of the points table, followed by an U19 side, Eymet and Mansle. Remarkably, the last of the matches (Mansle-U19s) ended in a tie at 43-5 and 11 points apiece.

Posted 20130305: After a few weeks of hectic behind-the-scenes activity, several important developments to report.

- France Cricket's AGM is only days away now. The S-W will be fully represented (Marc Dalling as new president of Midi CC; Simon Palmer for Eymet; and Andy Crawford, Barrie Holland and Peter Townsend carrying the votes for the other clubs. Many key topics this year, and thanks to clubs for providing guidance on their voting intentions.

- At the FC AGM, St Aulaye will receive a special prize for the progress they have made as a club, going a long way down the path mapped out under the wonderful heading of 'labelisation'.

- Planning has kicked off for two key events in our calendar. Hugo Pinsent has agreed to act as selector and captain for the ACCSO side to play the MCC at Giscours on the afternoon of Sunday 5th May. And clubs have been asked to confirm, by 11th March whether they wish to take part in a 20-over tournament, somewhat on the lines of last year's.

- There will be two U19-level 50-over matches at Damazan over the weekend of 1/2 June, under the auspices of France Cricket (Mika Selig is the man). A chance to watch the S-W stars of today - the French stars of tomorrow.

- No fewer than 7 S-W members turned out for a very serious coach-training class recently: and all 7 passed, which is absolutely unheard of!  Congratulations all round to these guys who now have a DF1 certificate. Step forward messrs Fabb & Morgan of Eymet; and messrs Ellener, Harris, Matthew, Morpeth and Seth of Damazan.

- Last but not least: a series of VERY friendly matches at Seissan on 2nd March saw N-GCC come top of the points table in the Indoor session, ahead of TCC and the 2 A-BCC sides. Good sport all round.

Posted 20120918: Here's a link to an excellent article on Mansle CC and cricket in the 'Sud-Ouest' newspaper, written by local journalist Natacha Thuillier with an "assist" by Alex Larter.

Posted 20120702: The Good to Know! page contains advice and guidance on playing (and training) in very hot weather conditions. Reading by captains and umpires is strongly recommended.

Posted 20120426: New guidance has been issued to our umpires on how to call balls which pitch off the mat. The full text is to be found on the Umpiring page; and the Match Day Actions document has been modified accordingly (see the Regulations page).

Posted 20120419:

Anybody trained in your club in "Les Gestes qui Sauvent"?

If in doubt, ask at your local pharmacy.

- The page dedicated to useful addresses and things-worth-knowing has been refreshed. In particular there's a link to a site offering free insurance to the non-playing members of your clubs; and also new sources of information and guidance about the running of "Loi 1901" associations. Why not take a look at the Good to Know! page? - from here.

We have struck a deal with an excellent supplier - Surridge's. All clubs affiliated to France Cricket are eligible for a 50% discount, on the entire catalogue.

Version date: 3rd October 2014.