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Cricket in the south-west is very generously supported by Blevins Franks, who offer specialist financial planning services to people moving to and living in France. Visit their Web site from here.

Posted 20160416: Learn how to score at this year's matches!         Scorers are the under-sung heroes of cricket matches the world over. And there are not enough of them!                                                           You can become competent (expert, even) by following the self-paced on-line course on offer from the the ACO (Association of Cricket Officials - part of the England & Wales Cricket Board).                    

Click here to link to the site. Note: You will have to identify yourself via a UK address!!

There's a whole raft of matters which affect the way a sporting body (be it an association such as ACCSO, or a club such as any of our member-clubs) can operate in France. This section aims to try to provide pointers to formal bodies, to official sources of information, and to more general sources of information.

Posted 20131125: Ace groundsman John Ayling delivered a very interesting talk to those present at the ACCSO AGM held on 16th November. The subject: what to be doing on the ground at season-end and over the close season. John's advice deserves a wider audience; the text is from here.

And if you want to know the meaning of any cricketing term, then the Jargon-Buster from "The Cricketer" online magazine is essential (and often funny) reading. From here.

Posted 20120702: Every year, the Aquitaine sports council issues very helpful guidelines on how sporting events should be managed if we get another canicule - or even if it just gets very hot, as it often does down here!  ACCSO takes this class of advice very seriously and hopes that member clubs will do likewise, especially where children are concerned, on and off the field.

Here is the French text.

Among the most important elements are

- Dress suitably, especially covering head and neck

- Use sun cream, and refresh it over time.

- Do NOT drink too much plain water, which may slake the thirst  but can reduce the blood-salt content.

- Take salt (if your diet allows it), either in water or in sodium tablets such as those available in places such as Decathlon.

- No heroics!

And  captains and umpires should remember that it is perfectly acceptable to reduce the number of overs played, such that more frequent breaks can be taken, all without extending the overall elapsed time of the match.

Posted 20111022: Many, many laws, decrees and regulations  which circumscribe the world of Sports have been rolled into one omnibus Code du Sport. For the curious, the cautious or the brave-hearted, a copy is available from here. Or you could put a question to ACCSO's secretary-general!

* Preparation of grounds: Here is a very useful piece of guidance from our regional ex-pro - and FC Commissioner of Grounds -  John Ayling, on preparation and upkeep of Flicx pitch areas.

Pointers to official sites

  • FFBS (Fédération Française de Baseball, Softball): Click here. Note especially the tabs for Textes Officiels and Documentation.  You can subscribe to the Lettre d'Information which summarises changes and new regulations.      Note also the contact details for your licensing issues!! Contact François COLLET, from here.  
  • Association Française de Cricket (aka France Cricket). New news specifically related to cricket in France (click here). 
  • Ligue d'Aquitaine de Baseball Softball et Cricket: link from here.  
  • Ligue Midi-Pyrénées de Baseball Softball et Cricket: link from here

Pointers to useful sites

  • "1901" Associations.

There are very many sites offering advice to clubs and associations, including models of constitutions, tips on fiscality, etc.  A word of caution: most sites seem at first blush "free" but are not really so.  

If you are interested in the legal foundation for all Associations, you can find the full text of the 1901 law from here.

This site is particularly useful : it's offical and it provides all sorts of model texts and aids.

There are two other government-inspired sites: service-public (from here); and le portail ministériel (from here).  And two targetted quasi-governmental sites: le guide pratique (from here); and  le portail des associations (from here). 

All clubs should be aware that, even in these straitened times, the French government is still prepared to give tax concessions to people who make donations to associations such as ours. One of the rare niches fiscales to escape the clutches of the politicians! Read the details from here. And a parallel text is this one.

Finally, there are some outfits around which offer free insurance to members of clubs such as ours. You can sign up to get Responsabilité Civile cover for the club's management team, and also for non-playing members who would not normally be covered by licencing them with the FFBS. The principal body, government-approved, is called the Fondation du Bénévolat and its insurance is supplied free by Groupama. Here is a link to the sign-up page.

Still on the subject of insurance, there are the legal obligations laid down in the Code du Sport (see above for link), and there is specific advice to be had from the government's site for associations, notably in the context of insurance when dealing with schools and schoolchildren. Text from here.

And on a less formal note, here are links to other sources of information:

  • AngloInfo - a comprehensive guide, in English, to living in France, with indexes to service providers and all sorts of useful things.  Click here for Aquitaine; and here for Midi-Pyrénées coverage. 
  • Cricinfo, the latest news of cricket world-wide, on-line. Click here.

And on the lighter side, there's a new cartoon aid to explaining Kwik cricket, in French (see from here).

Version date: 20th July 2015.